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Hello, my name is Caroline El-Tibi, I have two daughters and am a passionate coach and consultant.


What characterises me?

Probably my passion for life, the deep desire to better understand life and a more conscious approach to how I live my own.


I recall that even as a child I have been pondering over the question of what makes us happy and “successful”. I soon realised that happiness can not be determined by the outside world, but must have something to do with our attitude and approach to life.


I am interested in neuroscience and quantum physics, as well as philosophy and spirituality. This also helps me in my work as a coach, where I support you in looking at the world from a different perspective, recognizing new connections, appreciating what is important, and implementing this in a meaningful way.


My enthusiasm, openness, empathy, courage, creativity and confidence also set me apart.


What motivated me to become a coach?

In my work as a business consultant, I have noticed time and again that the real challenge is not to change the system but to change the attitude of the people who work in the system. Coaching, therefore, perfectly complements consulting.


Personally, I discovered the power of coaching when I returned to work a few years ago after a long period of parental leave. My previous confidence as a business consultant was knocked somewhat by having been "out" for so long. Coaching helped me to realise that most barriers exist only in our minds, and that our potential ends only at the limits of our own imagination.


International context:

I lived with my family in Dubai for 11 years and returned to Germany in 2018. Although relocating, adapting and returning each posed a challenge in themselves, it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. Living in such a multicultural city has broadened my global mindset and shaped my deep appreciation of diversity.


I find it rewarding and enriching to be a part of an international community, to work with clients of different nationalities, and to recognise what connects us:  the search for happiness, love, recognition and fulfilment.


On a personal note:

I enjoy spending my leisure time in nature, either alone to recharge my batteries or with the people I care about most: my family and friends. I love photography, artistic design, reading and travelling, and I am fascinated by people in their unique beauty and brilliance.


In both my work and my life, I am always willing to listen attentively, learn new things, and develop my potential to achieve the utmost benefit for my clients. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Caroline El-Tibi

Diploma in Business Administration (DH)

Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC)

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