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Businesses and organisations worldwide are in transition.

Ever-changing economic, technological, political, social and climatic conditions require
adjustments and radical restructuring.


In this world, where the existing is constantly being revolutionised, we are growing together globally, while we drift apart on the interpersonal level. Hence it becomes more and more important to see the person behind the performance again, to value the human beings and to actively integrate their unique strengths.


New leadership skills, a new level of global, social and emotional competence at all levels of the organisation are required to make the most of  the company's collective intelligence.


This is where I support you. While business consulting focuses on improving the system, coaching focuses on the people who work in this system. Coaching, therefore, is the key to implementing change successfully and sustainably. I work with executives and managers, because change should ideally start in the heads and hearts of those who lead. I also work with teams and those employees who need support to unfold their full potential.


My clients particularly appreciate my open, empathetic and appreciative approach, analytical skills, a high degree of flexibility, clear communication and the willingness to engage in courageous conversations and unconventional methods.

EXECUTIVE COACHING supports leaders in:

• preparing new tasks and leadership roles

• authentic and enthusiastic leadership

• value-based leadership

• meeting employees individually and at eye level

• resolving conflicts constructively

• finding individual sources of strength and inspiration

• improving the work-life-balance

TEAM COACHING supports teams in times of change with:

• preventing insecurity and loss of confidence

• involving employees in decision-making processes

• observing and steering group-dynamic processes

• ensuring sustainability

• achieving effective teamwork

• implementing new hierarchical structures

• transforming challenges into strengths

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